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 Hey guys, taking a moment to pimp out the new project! The Supernatural Rarepair Shipfest 2k12! If anyone’s familiar with the Homestuck Shipping Olympics, it’s pretty much that. But with SPN pairings that are harder to find stuff for!

You join up, get a team—including Monster of The Week, for the multishippers that can’t decide on a single pair—an’ your team does art/writing/interprative dance for 3 prompts to get points! Have fun an’ help pimp out lesser known pairings with awesome people! It’s win-win!
So if that sounds like your kind of deal, you can sign up until the 17th of November! It’s hosted on Dreamwidth, so you need an account, but it’s easy to get one! It’s like LJ, pretty much. For more info you can visit the HQ either on Dreamwidth or Tumblr.